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Core Values


Inspiration fuels creativity. It is a drive that can push people to do things extraordinarily well. We at Rastrullo commit to inspire. Inspiration through collaboration, character, management and output.


Creation bears fruit when it is accompanied by purpose - a common vision can unite people from different generations. Rastrullo works to make each experience timeless that can be shared even after its purpose.


Our team puts priority in getting things done without sacrificing quality. To achieve this point of excellence is a common practice the team chooses to make. This standard infects everyone to be cautious to detail and clear with our intent.


We pride ourselves in adapting to situations, this causes us to never give up. Rastrullo transforms the management process to handle the different challenges at hand.


We are a studio of concepts where we are not afraid to explore. From products, systems to services, we always find ways on how we can be ahead of the trend and fresh with the market.


Leadership is the willingness to take responsibility and guide the team. We initiate it by example, whether we stay at the head or the tail, we choose to influence everyone with the right energy.


Rastrullo believes in lasting relationships. When we commit, we  are together with everyone in collaboration until its completion. Protecting our integrity is important to us, this drives everyone in our company to value the people we work with.


Respect is a strict practice in our company. As we want to be valued the same way we value others - we choose to be responsible with time given to us, the relationships we maintain and the projects we manage.

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