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About Rastrullo

Rastrullo in 2013 has committed itself to developing and revolutionizing spaces holistically. What started out as a small industrial design studio in a garage in Bel – Air Makati, Philippines, has now grown into taking on opportunities around South East Asia. As we continue to improve, Rastrullo strives to become a partner of local communities in exploring actions to responsibly develop spaces.


Through challenging trends and disrupting current mindsets, we constantly seek new areas of innovation in this developing market. We believe that education is a key to nation building, this is why the systems we implement and the projects we create aim to give opportunities to growing businesses.


Inspiration and legacy are words we choose to align with as we find joy in building communities and rising together as a nation.

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Our cornerstone remains in becoming legacy centric that in any project we undertake, this will responsibly develop or increase value of its current state while this becoming beneficial to generations after its development.


We will become the leading business group in serving nations through solidifying systems that would take care of each beneficiary and stakeholder.

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