Rastrullo & Associates displays their versatility by working with various materials such as acrylic, rattan, mahogany, wicker, iron and metallic wires. They see the beauty of every material and transform them into useful art. Their pieces resemble that of the simplicity of nature combined with the spontaneity of geometry, where there is order and chaos, simplicity and flamboyancy in every piece. The design team constantly proves that beauty and function can co-exist, especially when they modernize traditional materials. The clean lines and exaggeration of edges is usually the signature aesthetic that is evident in their designs. Their ability to interpret the intricacies of their surroundings through geometric and organic forms imparts their design acumen. Rastrullo & Associates continues to find harmony exploring form and function, drawing much inspiration from nature.



To discover the harmony of the sciences and the arts that remain deep in our foundation. This is our  pursuit of applying the future to our present.



We will become the most advanced industrial design studio that would implement new ways of living. 


Design Consultancy

We provide services on product design and development, interior spaces, factory production, design installations and exhibitions.


We develop pieces from all types of materials. From plant fibers, wood, metals and plastics. Designs can be done either 3D printed or Laser cut.

Contract Work

We can produce pieces at a certain volume from furniture, event collaterals to customized work.