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With the intention of recreating spaces to revive that fine lifestyle of our grandparents, Manolo living aims to retell stories of our childhood through our spaces. As architectural and interior trends continue to change, our heritage slowly disappears through time. By updating our aesthetic, we strive to preserve these stories through our furniture. Well loved memories of the same space in a renovated home. Timeless.


Manolo Living is a furniture company that aims to reinterpret Filipino Heritage as something that belongs not only in the past but also in the future by developing products deeply rooted in culture, evoking familiarity and nostalgia with our pieces.


Quality is a given but with today’s rapidly changing design trends, Manolo Living intends to make time stand still. Just like the stories in the past and stories you will create.



The “Sillon” or “Butaca” chair had a curving seat and a wide reclined back. The arms were flat and sometimes long to allow the seater to prop – up their feet. Stories told about the butaca referred this to a birthing chair because of the characteristics it had.

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